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Are you a Jewel on the Go in Minnesota? Check out our Vending Machine located inside of Southdale Center Across from Aveda! Be the Jewel you are you anywhere , anytime. Enhance your natural beauty with minimal effort!

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The Birth of Melanin Jewel:

Julie Brown is the Owner, Founder and CEO of Melanin Jewel, a beauty line on the rise that allows individuals to enhance their natural beauty with minimal effort. Julie, also known as Jewelz was born and raised in the Bronx, New York and currently resides in Milwaukee WI. She is currently in school at Milwaukee Technical Collage Mequon to obtain her Technical Diploma in esthetics. Julie has always had a passion for helping individuals and has had the unique ability of turning challenges into opportunities. She has volunteered her service at community churches such as Greater New Birth offering women in shelters/refuge centers free facial treatments or donating products for holidays or community events. Working at fortune 500 companies such as Time Warner Cable (Now known as Charter Communications) and General Electric (GE), provided Julie with her vast knowledge and experience in sales, customer relations (customer service) and management. Her passion, acquired skill sets, coupled with her mindset to overcome challenges is what birthed Melanin Jewel. In 2020 not only was the world hit with a pandemic, but Mrs. Brown was also diagnosed with a brain tumor, and like many others during the pandemic, felt self-conscious about her appearance and had thoughts to enhance through cosmetic procedures. Because of the tumor, Julie began making her own hair care and skin care products in preparation for brain surgery. Knowing how major this surgery was along with its potential risk, Julie also thought about other ways to enhance her natural beauty without having to take such invasive measures. She realized Beauty starts with in which in turns reflects on the outside. That Challenge of 2020 became her motivator to live more consciously, and she wants to share those products and services with the world.  Products & services that allow us All to live and be the Jewels we are meant to be!!! 

"Be the Jewel you are!"

#Be the jewel you are

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Be the Jewel you are!

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