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This Diamond Ice face roller is suitable for all skin types. It helps to reduce/eliminate acne, redness, puffiness and fine lines. In addition it helps to shrink pores and increases blood circulation in turn brightening skin complexion. This ice roller will help instantly calm skin conditions when the skin is sensitive & swollen. You can use our Diamond face roller every day for about 5 minutes to give an immediate boost to your appearance. Recommended to use after morning cleansing.


Feel free to customize your ice roller adding in ingredients such as but not limited to:


Cucumber -helps with puffiness, 


Lemon - Antioxidant. Lemon naturally contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that may help reduce skin damage and premature aging. Lemon is a natural cleanser which helps fade acne scars as well as brighten the skin. The citric acid in lemon shrinks and tightens pores, treats acne and pimples, fades dark spots, blemish and scars.


Green tea- known to removes scars and acne, reduces dark spots, clears skin, delays aging and wrinkles, removes puffiness, reduces dark circles, unclogs clogged pores, improves blood circulation, soothes and exfoliates the skin

Diamond Facial Ice Roller

$14.00 Regular Price
$7.00Sale Price
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  • Start by cleansing your face and then use your ice roller. After, you can apply toner, serums, or moisturizers. You should only use the ice roller for 5 to 10 minutes. use daily – morning or evening – depending on what works best for your daily skincare routine

    **While ice rollers are designed to be kept in the fridge or freezer, make sure you wait a few minutes before you use it – as applying anything ice-cold to your skin could result in a cold burn. ***

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