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OOH-LA-LASH are sure to make them whistle. These whispy, soft,  fluffly lashes  are perfect for a romantic date with the spouce, photo shoot ready or night out on the town with the girls. Either way, you are sure to be seen with just one B L I N K of an eye! So Blink like a Jewel with our OOH-LA-LASH Lashes. 


Why just get 1 pair??? 

Buy 2 for $12 use coupon code: BLINK 12

Buy 4 for  $25 use Coupon code: BLINK25

*Coupon codes  are valid for  any of the B L I N K By MELANIN JEWEL Lashes!  Getit while supplies last





$8.00 Regular Price
$3.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • These lashes are  comfortable , easy to apply and resuable with proper care*

    1. Carefully remove lashes  from case with tweezers/applicator.

    2. Compare false eyelash with your eyeline legnth, trim to desired lenght or width. 

    3. Brush a thin layer of lash glue to the band of the false lash allowing the glue to become tacky before application

    4.  Hold eyelash on the root of you natural lash with some pressure (Tip: try applying false lash to middle of the lash 1st and then the ends)

    5. Close eyes as as appopriate  and  ensure proper fit by blinking. If lash is uncomfortable/ not a proper fit, pleasecarfully remove  and follow steps 1-5 again. 

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